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LaRhonda R. Nicks

Attorney Creative

To uplift, empower and inspire
the spirit and minds of the marginalized, disenfranchised
and at-risk communities by effectuating change on a grass-roots level.
Empowering and advocating
for the people in the areas of law, community advocacy, education and entertainment.

L.R. Nicks​' Mission

Circa 1995 - 1996 Post Denkins.

Challenge Authority revel with the minority and truly be free!  Young Attorney Nicks & Ex Mayor of NYC Rudolph Giuliani

Attorney Nicks Today

Attorney Nicks is a pioneer in a concept that she has coined; “Community Law”,

which provides equal access to the most vulnerable in our community.  "We are global citizens, the vulnerable and marginalized should not just be a part of an individual community but our global inclusive community". 

Meet Attorney Nicks

Her energy uplifts and encourages, is persistent and solution-oriented. She is the image and very definition of pulling herself up from the bootstraps. Attorney Nicks comes from very humble beginnings being born and reared in Harlem, NYC by way of Tampa Bay Florida.

Because of her experience in some of the most dire situations…. Attorney Nicks does not just counsel from an oblivious space, she utilizes her education, knowledge, legal and real-life experience, to provide an out-of-the-box and practical approach to handling her cases.


Attorney Nicks sits on the Board of the SouthWest Georgia Legal Help Center, Inc A Justice for All Project. This has been in existence short of three-months and the aim of the program is to create a comprehensive approach to providing access to justice in rural SouthWest, Georgia.

Attorney Nicks is a member of the Lawyers 4 Equal JusticeClick here to visit their website.  This is an awesome program for those marginalized members of the community to hire affordable legal help in GA.  If you are a potential client that wants to hire me and are working and/or receiving income contact me through this organization.  View my profile is here.

Attorney Nicks is a proud and long-standing member of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorney’s  (GABWA).  The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys is a voluntary bar organization that nurtures, supports and galvanizes the power of Black women Attorneys, advocates for women and children and empowers our communities.

An affiliate of the 9 to 5 working women's organization which aims to foster equal rights, standing, and inclusivity of women (especially women of color) in the workplace.  Today 9 to 5 is one of the largest, most respected national membership organizations of working women in the U.S., dedicated to putting working women’s issues on the public agenda.  Click here for more information.

Come explore what our firm has to offer


If you would like to have Attorney Nicks as a guest speaker for your organization, school, community event.

If you need Attorney Nicks to assist in creating or leading a community initiative, then contact "Your Lady of Justice".

If you need Attorney Nicks

for legal assistance…she is there for you.  

If you need Attorney Nicks for legal assistance…she is there for you.  

L.R. Nicks De Lege Ferende! 

Our Lady of Justice Attorney Nicks

Law Offices of Nicks & Associates
Criminal & Civil

Lawyers For Equal Justice, Nicks Institute for Urban and Rural Justice – Community Law

Are you a community stakeholder, community leader or church official, activist looking to effectuate change in our marginalized and vulnerable communities?


Hire our firm to assist in creating, managing and executing a strategic plan to execute your organization’s vision. Attorney Nicks is a pioneer in Community Law and will help your grass-roots efforts more impactful, meaningful and effective. Proven Leadership working in diverse communities with diverse impact. Call us today!​

Our Lady of Justice in Our Community

Past Speaking Engagements and Community Events, Request Our Lady of Justice

Do you need a dynamic, energetic and outside of the box thought leader for your next speaking engagement, community/organizational event or panel? What about guest speakers for your podcast, social-media interview?


Attorney Nicks is a thoughtful attorney creative who appeals to a wide audience with experience speaking and leading in the areas of Poverty, Non-traditional student success, politics, entrepreneurship, women and community empowerment and more.

Our Lady of Justice Speaks

l. Ronae Nicks

law offices of Nicks & Associates, llc

Brian Brown and Vanishing South Georgia