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Civil Law

Can’t We Just All Get Along?

Areas of Practice:  Personal Injury &  Premises Liability - Employment Law - Small Business - Community
Personal Injury & Premises liability

If Attorney Nicks knows anything, she knows Insurance. As a former Insurance Adjudicator with experience working for Big Corporate Fortune Five Hundred Insurance Companies, Attorney Nicks married her past-experience as a claims adjuster with her legal experience which has proven successful in litigating PI & PL cases. Attorney Nicks past-experience adjudicating state disability claims and most recently litigating disability claims before Administrative Law Judges gives her a unique perspective when dealing with personal injury and premises liability law.


Attorney Nicks adjudicates municipal, State and Federal employment cases and hearings before disciplinary boards, the EEOC, State, and Federal Merit Systems Board, employee termination, and disciplinary proceedings. She also handles very specific cases of alleged wrongful termination proceedings by private entities.

Small Business

Attorney Nicks represents private persons and business entities in mediating and litigating contractual disputes, corporate customer service training, general counsel service, compliance, employment policies and procedures.

Community law

Attorney Nicks is available to meet with community stakeholders to form and execute community action plans. Attorney Nicks is available to meet with community leaders, community stakeholders, and grass-root organizations so that these organizations are more effective in implementing and achieving ideals of self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and community activism. Attorney Nicks will help your organization in developing a plan and executing your vision. 

l. Ronae Nicks

law offices of Nicks & Associates, llc