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In tHe Community

Attorney Nicks is dedicated to her community and is always seeking to offer her assistance whether in a leadership or supporting role. Attorney Nicks also offers a visionary and transformative approach to how justice should work.  She offers an out-of-the-box approach to tackling the toughest community issues.


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Our Lady of Justice Speaks:

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Have a look at some of the community eventS Attorney Nicks has been involved with

Attorney Nicks campaigning

with Stacy Abrams

Paint party with Ms. Harris

and Kids from

the Community Center

Albany Cares

Community Event

It's 2018. We need to #PayBlackWomen

Hear our very own 9to5 Georgia member LaRhonda  Nicks talk about why Black women can't be afraid to #DemandMore  on Black Women's (un)Equal Payday and every other day.  

Community members hold forum for high utility bills

Watch Attorney Nicks advocate on behalf of the marginalized regarding excessively high utility bills in Albany, Ga.

Speaking Up for Voters Registration

Feature on Realizing Potential with wendy wilson

upcoming events

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