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Attorney  Nicks​

De Lege Ferende!

The Law Offices of Nicks & Associates, LLC is a boutique private law firm with its principal office Headquartered in Albany, Georgia and Regional Office in Atlanta, Ga. The Law Firm was founded and established by Attorney LaRhonda R. Nicks, Partner in June 2013.  The firm addresses clients needs in both criminal and civil practice. Our founder is a graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida (Go Bulls!) and the Thomas W. Cooley Western Michigan School of Law, Lansing, Mi. Our founder also brings over a decade of experience as a Property & Casualty Insurance Adjudicator and formerly worked for the Georgia Department of Labor as a Disability Adjudicator Associate. The desire to practice law was immensely strengthened after working for the “Big Guy’s” on the Corporate Plantation. Attorney Nicks decided to practice law switching from the Dog to the Underdog.  She is truly for the people.

Meet OuR Team

Felicia Stewart, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Felicia is an undergraduate with an Associates degree in Business Management from Northampton Community College (NCC), and a Bachelors degree in Organizational Leadership from Penn State University (PSU). Felicia is a dynamic leader with multiple talents who enjoy administrative challenges. We are pleased to welcome her on Board! 


Char Woods, Legal Intern

Char is a currently enrolled at Albany State University (ASU), as a Political Science major.  Char is extremely spirited, and takes every initiative in all opportunities she is presented with - she is a great help and asset to our firm! Char is passionately working towards a career in law and we are pleased to welcome her on Board!


The spirit of the Law Firm is premised  in three core values and commitment to our clients


Progressive Pre/ Litigation Techniques


Solution Oriented



With YOU

in mind


The firm offer’s a practical and responsive methodology towards case management. The firm is discriminate in its approach to selecting cases and our clients so that our founder can give each client and their case the attention that it deserves.


The firm takes a holistic approach in the legal care of our clients and believes that our clients should be educated and know what is going on with their case at every stage. Therefore, our founder is reasonably assessable to clients during the week, available on the weekend by appointment, and is reputed to “go the extra mile, with pace, persistence, and finesse”. 


The firm is rooted and was birthed from the needs of marginalized communities and is truly for the people. Our aim is to bridge the gap between the legal community; and the legal, and non-legal needs and resources required to uplift marginalized communities. Therefore, our firm is dedicated to community action, and community building and self-reliance through community and from a grass-roots approach.  Attorney Nicks is a member of the lawyers 4 equal justice, an organization dedicated to ensuring that folks from all walks of life have access to quality legal care, member of the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (Gabwa), and a local community activist group based in Albany, Georgia. Attorney Nicks is a lyrical artist and lyricist and passionate about music and the performing arts loves experiencing cultures, co-host of the social-justice podcast “HoodLegal” under the moniker of Miss-Justice and is a true Aquarius from Harlem living between Southwest rural GA and Atlanta.  She is the proud wife of Mr. Colin R. Nicks, smother-mother to Xzavion, Zamont, Ziera and their newest addition Zaryn Nicks.  She also enjoys a shared custody dis-agreement of, a cat and a dog named Liberty & Justice among the kids. We hope that you will become a member of our legal family and that we motivate you to commit or recommit to community action as well! De Lege Ferende !


Come Explore what our firm has to offer.

If you would like to have Attorney Nicks as a guest speaker for your organization, school, community event- then “holler at your girl”.  If you need Attorney Nicks to assist in creating or leading a community initiative, then contact “Your Lady of Justice”.  If you need Attorney Nicks for legal assistance…she is there for you.  

 People who are not able to afford market legal fees may contact Attorney Nicks through the Lawyers for Equal Justice and apply for assistance.


Potential clients will have to divulge their income and will be expected to contribute towards legal fees at a discounted rate, based on their income and assets.



If you are in need of custom pricing for select services or can't afford market rate representation, we offer reduced rates for select and deserving clients.


Please contact us for more information

Price List


Attorney Nicks did amazing work and it was a blessing to have her by my side. I was in jail for 366 days total.  As soon as we hired Attorney Nicks, I was out of jail within 4 months for two counts of serious felony charges. She was able to get my case resolved faster than other private attorneys that were hired by some of my cellmates. She was such a blessing and worth every penny that we spent.  


~Samantha Delaney, Acworth, GA



Attorney Nicks handled my son's case well!  She worked very hard to do all she could to help with our case. It was an overall great experience. She was there every step of the way and always explained everything dealing with my case thoroughly.


5/5 Star Rating

~Helen Coleman, Albany, GA


I had Attorney Nicks assist me with two different types of cases.  She had both cases handled quickly and smoothly. She is very aggressive in the court and will be sure to always fight for her clients. She gets right down to business and gets the job done. Attorney will ensure that you are always updated on your case to ensure that you know what is going on at all times.  Attorney Nicks was very well informed about all parts of my case.


5/5 Star rating

~Henika Carol, Atlanta, GA


Attorney Nicks is a great lawyer! She was very patient with me and was sure to explain the whole process of my case so I can know what was going on fully. Attorney Nicks was sure to call me and remind me of the different steps I need to take in order to have a successful case. She was extremely pleasant to work with and handled my case quickly!


5/5 Rating

  ~Assaiah Hicks, Snellville, GA



Attorney Nick is a very easy going lawyer.  She helped me to resolve my legal issue without having to even step foot before a judge.  I needed a lawyer and I had a short amount of time to obtain one.  Attorney Nicks stepped right in and helped me solve my problem quickly.


4/5 Star rating

~David Drigger, Atlanta, GA


l. Ronae Nicks

law offices of Nicks & Associates, llc